Friday, March 26, 2010

I never thought this would ever happen.

I'm taking Ochocinco's side here.

I am not a huge NFL fan, let alone a Bengals fan (go Texans). And I happen to think that Chad Johnson is a giant douche for legally changing his name to a bastardization of his number 85.

But I just found out via The Soup (love!) that Fox News took on Dancing With the Stars (which Chad Ochocinco is participating in this season and which I emphatically do not watch). And that stupid blonde woman talked about who all was on (newsflash: Pam Anderson played a lifeguard on tv. She wasn't actually a lifeguard. You're welcome in advance.) mentioned that 'Okochino' was on.

Aiyiyiyiyi, lady. Way to make yourself look educated and open. I hate you for making me give any ounce of favor to the name Ochocinco.

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