Thursday, March 4, 2010

Soy Joy

Or not.

I guess it's working? I say this because of the highly unusual hot flashes (I had never really experienced one before. How . . . odd that was. I feel fully comfortable saying I am not looking forward to menopause) and the horrifying headache I had overnight.

It was so bad I stayed home from work today. It would not surprise me if my boss thought I was playing hooky to be with DH on his birthday - except that DH went to work.

I still have residual pain, but at least I can open my eyes and walk around and am not overwhelmingly nauseated anymore.

Ovaries seem to be twinging more sharply, still feeling it on both sides - no dominant side yet (though the right one seems to be feeling more than the left. Funny how superstitious I am about them, given how all of my pregnancies have gone - three from the left ovary, one from the right - but the longest one was from the right, so I feel like I have better odds that way). CM is still creamy - or nothing unusual there, or in cervical position.

My opks arrived today, thank goodness, so I will start those as I normally do, around cd 8. I got a spectacular deal on these - about a $1 per opk, all digital. Woooo!

So . . . we'll start having sex soon, I suppose. In one sense I want to wait so we don't wear ourselves out or make it more of a chore, but I'm also really sort of nervous about how this will go if the soy works and ovulation moves up. Not knowing and feeling a little uncertain about relying on fertility signs (some people report side effects like less fertile cm, others report more), I don't want to miss the best dates.

At least the weekend is nearly upon us. More sleep. And in good news, along with the opks (albeit in a separate box) my new shoes arrived. Two new pairs of Crocs - one Lena, one Alice. Lena in black, Alice in red and oh my god, I am in love love love. I wear my Sassari's all the time and the Cyprus have been my favorite heels, but these are fantastic. Will certainly be ordering more. LOVE, I tell you.


Tena said...

I looked back over your previous posts and didn't see this, but I may have missed it. Why are you trying a soy diet? What is that supposed to do in terms of your cycles and ovulation?

Ashley D said...

I am in LOVE with the Lily black crocs. I wear them ALL.THE.TIME!