Friday, March 26, 2010

Report: Nothing

Wish I had some news for you, but alas.

Oh - here's something. My review went well. I fully meet expectations and everyone seems happy. Sweet relief that is over and done with. I hate reviews with a passion that approaches a level of loathing normally reserved for bell peppers. But having received a less-than-stellar review last year, it was pleasant to hear my hard work has been noticed and I am up to scratch.

Beyond that. . . I'm exhausted. Much as I would love to proclaim it a sign of pregnancy, I have to acknowledge that while I went to bed at an eminently reasonable hour, the cat wanted badly to eat my hair. At 1 am. At 2 am. At 3 am and 3:30 am . . . get the idea?

Temp isn't hot. Sigh.

I am crampy. And I don't mean a little bit. I mean, yee-ouch. They keep coming and going, and are more like AF cramps than not, but it's too early for this. At least, it better fucking be, because this is 8, 9, or at the very most 10 dpo. So no no no.

My boobs are crazy sore. SO not a fan. Before the pregnancies, that would be a good sign, as it normally tapered, rather than persisted. But I don't think that's still so. And it's annoying.

CM is never a reliable sign - earlier there was maybe some tannish color, but it's not a lot or consistent. At this point, it would normally start getting wetter/more watery pretty much either way. Ditto cervical position. It's all over the board and not reliable.

Nausea? Some. Meh.

I am having mood swings, which are rarely a good sign for pregnancy for me.

So . . . I guess I'd say I'm leaning towards no, after all. But it's still early days (again, it better fucking be), so . . . I guess we'll see. Shrug. Lots of shrugs.

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