Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, ffs.

Daylight Savings Time bit me in the ass.

Not just the lost hour, which I'm still grumpy about, but my smart clock and stupid self.

I went to bed late last night, and read for awhile. Knowing that I needed to turn out the lights by 2 am to get an accurate 5:30 am temp, I called DH to come tuck me in and distract the cat about 1:45.

It's about this time that I noticed especially sharp pinches in the ovary area. The opk's have continued negatie, though yesterday produced the darkest one yet. I didn't give it a whole lot of thought until the alarm went off and my temp came back higher than it has been in over a week. Then I thought, huh. Ovulation? Maybe, maybe. Then wrestled with Barnabas, who is trying to groom me and pulling on my hair in a really painful way, for three hours, before catching a good nap and getting up quite late.

And it wasn't until just now, when I noticed the computer clock and the anniversary clock were different that I realized today was Spring Forward day. Which led to the horror-filled realization that my clock, being a 'smart clock' which automatically adjusts to whatever time zone you are in and whatnot would have automatically changed over at 2 am. Which means, I didn't have enough sleep after all. And could explain why the stupid temp is so high.

Is it a big deal? Of course not. A single temp won't make a big difference. The temp tomorrow will be more telling - up or down - as will the other fertility signs (the cervix appears to be closing up shop. . .). But I'm still annoyed with myself.

Hence, the post.

The good news? Today is cd18 and I have reason to suspect that ovulation has occurred or will occur today. Which is good news, and a very promising sign in favor of soy. Here's hoping the temp increases tomorrow again.

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