Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I've had some ideas swirling about potential posts. Some really good stuff, if I do say so myself. You'll fairly well have to take my word, because instead of that, you're getting this. I'm simply too tired to be coherent and thoughtful as those lofty posts deserve.

So instead, a miscellany, beginning with elections:

(Stumped - get it? Like stump speech? Yeah? Well, fuck, come on, I've already warned you this is second class shit.)

Primary elections in Texas (and presumably elsewhere) are taking place next week.

I'm over them. Seriously, seriously over them. I used to be alllll about this shit and now I hear people talk and just roll my eyes. I plan to vote for Bill White for governor, full stop. He may be a Democrat - which will likely cost him the election right there, because so many Texans are a pack of knee-jerk-auto-pilot-Republican voting morons (nothing wrong with voting R - I've done it most of my life - I'm just sick nigh unto death with how things are proceeding here in the Lone Star state). But he's a good executive leader. He did very well for Houston and I was sorry to see him termed out. He had initially intended to run for Senate - as Kay Bailey had initially promised to resign her seat to pursue the election. Once she realized she might not win against Rick Perry (gag me), she decided to stay (her right), so Bill White is now running for governor.

Frankly, Kay Bailey would be fine with me if Bill won't win. Hell, bring Kinky back. I'll vote for him again. Just not Rick Perry, please God. He lies about state budget and revenue - believe me, the jobs being cut at my alma mater are because the state didn't have enough income and revenue to pay out what they promised. That is not economic growth for Texas, nitwit. Further, my proud state is the second worst in education. Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and both Dakotas beat us out. No offense meant to any citizens of these fine states, but we're the second largest in population. SOMETHING isn't working here (cough, standardized testing, particularly in inner-city schools with high immigrant populations, cough), and Rick Perry's claims that all is well work me into a choking fury.

FFS, Perry is the one who said seriously that Texas could secede from the Union and it'd work out. He thinks that we still have that legal right (er, we did, actually, as the only independent nation to join the States, it was part of our agreement. However, following that little altercation called 'The Civil War' that right was revoked). He thinks it's economically feasible.

I think he's a fucking idiot, the likes of which would indicate several villages are short.

So, er, I'm sick of hearing him talk. Not that Kay Bailey is much better. She's getting killed in the polls because she hasn't made the case that Rick Perry needs to go. And while her points are all pretty valid, she has been a big spender in Washington and Perry is killing her pointing that out. And it's the most depressing thing ever, because I loathe Rick Perry and he'll probably win because Kay Bailey's staff is stupid.


However, I have really come to enjoy the fantastic local judge commercial (but DON'T get me started about electing your judiciary for the love of God) that is an alert for Republican voters that the opposing candidate is really a liberal who is backed by trial lawyers and is responsible for suing corporations and KILLING jobs! Presumably also boils babies, but they don't get into it.

So I will be quite glad when all the overly blustering nonsense is done with because it's tiresome.

Also? Day 2 of soy. I actually have nothing further to report than that. Hope it works.

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