Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sizing Up Sperm

Holy shit, I love this show. It's on National Geographic as I type. I sadly missed the introduction to the vagina and swimming through the cervix, but in recapping, the announcer just referred to it as the 'dark, twisted hell' ish environment of the cervix.



They have people representing the sperm.

This show is fantastic.

(and DH's sperm will shortly enact this journey, as it has become apparent I did not ovulate - the opk was the darkest yet. Go figure. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.)

The final race between the sperm came down to an adult Harry Potter and a woman who looked a lot like Blythe Danner.

Harry Potter won.

Just so you know.

I'm not sure I'll be able to have sex again without giggling.

Other quotes:

"If conception is warfare, then Emily's vagina is the sperm's D-Day."

"Timing is everything. Get there too early or too late, and you're doomed."

(btw, they have a bunch of people in a tube with rope lights to simulate sperm hanging out in the epididymus, including one woman crocheting, Harry Potter, an old man, Blythe Danner and a dude with a nose ring)

They just compared ejaculation to a one-way ticket to oblivion, and show the sperm-people sliding down a water slide to simulate ejaculation. This show rocks. How have I never seen it before?!

They compare fertile cm to a ladder - a life-saving ladder "stretching a mile into the sky" no less. Too bad it's leading them into the crushing torture of slow death in the cervix, which is like a "nightmarish urban environment." (insert evil laughter here)

To be fair though. . . 250,000,000 (on average) sperm start out in the ejaculate and most of them are dead within minutes of ejaculation. Only a few hundred will ever make it to the fallopian tube (and half of those will go the wrong way). It's amazing how wasteful our reproductive system is.

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Tena said...

That is why sperm is cheap to make. I am going to have to see if I can Netflix this, it sounds really entertaining! Like that Woody Allen movie, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask."