Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cycle #3.

So the spotting stopped. I took a test, it was negative. The spotting started again, and my period arrived overnight.

That means cycle #3 has started. Hopefully this one will be lucky 'third time is a charm'. I'm too hormonal and crampy and tired to get very optimistic about it though. Maybe next week.

Edited to add:

Cramps? Can fucking blow me. I took some Advil, so I hope it helps but I am feeling like I've been put through a ringer. So tired and crampy. Hormonal, depressed (but I can tell it's hormonal, if that makes sense).

Some changes at work are making me really unhappy. No more jeans on Fridays or holidays, no more capris, no t-shirts, no flip-flops. SUCK.

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