Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok, I am feeling pain. My boobs are killing me. It's very ouchy. Granted, I usually have sore and tender breasts in the luteal phase. That's fine. Granted, I've been wearing a bra style the last couple of days that is supportive, but can result in soreness after too many hours. But today, I wore my my comfortable, stretchy, forgiving sleep bra and they are worse than ever. SO painful. Achey, sore, tender. Crossing my arms hurts and so does where my chair has been hitting my desk. I know that sound weird, but it's easier to type when my chair is set lower.


And the cramps. I've been getting cramps down low in my abdomen. Not terrible, until yesterday when I had some sharp cramps on and off for about two hours, repeat again today. I'm reminding myself that it is probably a function of not drinking enough water, as I took my cup home from work and forgot to bring it back. It's hard to not be hopeful though. I don't want to be disappointed.

DH continues to say he thinks this cycle is a yes. I'm trying to remain neutral and sit on my hands rather than start peeing on sticks too early. It's not easy. Maybe I should pee on a stick early at 7 dpo. The inevitable BFN might knock some sense into me.

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