Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Irritable day.

Everything under the sun is irritating me this morning.

Went to bed later than I wanted after reading a less than satisfying book. Seriously, it was really bad. Ugh, it makes me mad now just thinking about it. Slept ok, but restlessly. Was awoken early by rain bands from the hurricane.

For whatever reason, every little thing DH was doing pissed me off. First, it was that he squeezed the toothpaste in the middle of the tube. DUDE, that is annoying and wasteful and leaves little marks. Then my bras disappeared. Since he was the last person to do laundry (which of course never includes putting laundry away, so it's in a giant pile by the bed, but naturally the skirt and shirt I wanted to wear are not there and have disappeared entirely from this planet), I asked him to come help look for one.

He finds one (where are the other 4 that were recently washed? I'm asking seriously here) and brushes his teeth. Then goes back downstairs and lays on the couch until I walk down. Never mind that I said we needed to hurry this morning. No, apparently it is necessary that he keep the dog company. Couldn't take his clothes down with him, nope. Have to go back upstairs. Then he started sneezing. I don't know why, but his sneezing makes me irritable, and this morning made me want to say hateful things. It's not like he can control this of course, but I think sometimes that annoys me.

Work is busy and I am feeling flustered. I'm going to be working half days with a department (I work in the division office, where they are training me to be a department administrator in the next couple of years) to get them sorted and caught up. It's a major mess over there. I'm glad they feel I can be useful (I've only been here 7 months, and there is much I don't know how to do or feel confident doing), and this will give me a chance to be trained to do stuff that I will do in a department that we don't really do at the division level. But it means cramming the rest of my work into a half day and struggling with another department's mess half-day. I feel stressed out.

Then today, a ton of people post their BFPs. I'm happy for them, really! But a couple of them were first cycle people and fresh off BC. It makes me sad for me. I mean, cycle #3 would be pretty lucky all things considered, and it's not like I'm infertile at this point. Just disappointed that I'm not there too. And irritated that it was so easy for them.

Like I said, very irritable today. And I'm going to be going round campus in the rain more than once today. Annoying.

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