Monday, July 7, 2008

I was right!

And freaking FF was wrong!

I had some sharp, pinching cramps around my right ovary on Friday that lasted for about 20 minutes and then no more cramps. I thought - aha! Ovulation?! CM starting drying quickly, from the slippery, lube-like stuff to thicker ew. Bordering on creamy by the time I went to bed. Cervix dropped and was closing. I thought woo-hoo! Temp went up to 97.3 - .3 above the highest temps in the past week.

And suddenly, FF is telling me I am 4 dpo. Whaaa? Huh? I look, and realize they are taking the gradual climb in temps from 96.8 to 96.9 to 97.0 to be a slow rising post-O temp, despite the cm and cp data. I felt grumbly about that.

Of course, two more high temps later, FF has agreed with me and changed it back to O on cd 22 (same date as last cycle, incidentally, meaning another 34 day cycle if I'm not pregnant). Still have dotted lines, but another couple of days should seal it up.

As for pregnancy chances - not feeling confident this cycle. I really did last cycle, and thought this could be it! This cycle, though we did ok for timing, I'm just not feeling confident. I am kind of thinking I need to get back to more focus on weight loss and let ttc come as it may. I'm sure this will all change in four or five days, as I near the point I could possibly test early. I know I shouldn't, but I expect I will. Then I expect I'll get more anxious. Or maybe not. I was pretty calm about ovulation this cycle, and about our sex timing. I didn't push the issue too much, so maybe that will carry through all the way.

In other news - make an appointment at Discount Tire for anything you need done. They had my bolt removed, tire repaired, valve replaced, tires balanced and pressure checked in less than 15 minutes because I had an appointment this morning. Awesome. I didn't even have to call in late to work (that bolt was HUGE).

Of course that awesomeness was balanced by spilling my coffee all over myself. I reek of coffee and I'm a walking coffee stain. Again, awesome, but in a totally different and depressing way. Sigh.

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