Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying to be positive: Good things about not getting pregnant last cycle.

1. Another month to chip away at the debt.

2. Started getting eating back under control and exercise is next, so another month to lose what I've gained back, and maybe get under 300 lbs before pregnancy.

3. Another chance to get some good loving in.

4. No morning sickness in July heat!

5. Put off buying maternity clothes for awhile.

6. More time with just me and DH. That's something we'll never have again when we have kids. I'm trying to treasure it.

7. No hurry to clean out storage and the catch-all crap room!

8. A chance to work on some projects I may have to abandon when I get pregnant.

9. No rush to learn knitting in the round so I can make booties and hats. ; )

10. A chance to be able to tell my mom in person when I do get pregnant.

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