Thursday, July 31, 2008

A funny from my husband to share.

I've been so busy that I didn't even have time to go to the bathroom this morning. So when we were eating lunch, I was teasing him and I said dramatically, "And I haven't even been to pee yet! How will I know if I'm still fertile if I can't check what's happening with my fluid?!" He laughed and told me to go pee while he heated up our lunch.

I did, and of course checked my fluid and cervix. I had to check internally for fluid, but it was there. I washed my hands and returned and announced that I was indeed still fertile. He pretended wipe a sweaty brow with relief as I laughed. Then I told him that it's still a smaller amount than last cycle, but that I also hadn't had any water so I was probably dehydrated. Anyway, I had to go looking for the fluid (he's fascinated by me checking my cervix - he doesn't understand how it's physically possible), but I found it, and it's there inside where it counts.

Without missing a beat, he snapped back, "And that's what we'll teach our children, that it's inside where it counts."

I laughed so hard I hit my head on the wall and nearly fell off my chair.


In other news, we did get my temperature taken accurately this morning and we did have some pretty good sex last night. I'd waited until bedtime to bring it up, which we've learned doesn't work so well when we're tired (and I'm exhausted right now). But I was willing so we gave it shot. For awhile things were great, and then it came time for the big show and dh just couldn't maintain an erection. This has happened a couple of times now, and I expect it's pretty normal, but it was extremely frustrating. It is for him of course for obvious reasons, but there is an underlying fear that I'm not arousing to him or attractive enough for him and of course, if you are trying to conceive, that becomes an issue. He was upset, but I decided it didn't really matter, and just connecting and having a good time was important. So I kept at it and concentrated on him in ways I don't usually. Started giving him a blow job (which really doesn't happen much, because I have a terrible gag reflex and have thrown up on him in the past, which sort of kills the desire on both sides), and it all ended with some top 20 times sex, which was magnificent.

I think we're really doing a much better job this time at keeping it fun and loving and not letting it be a chore. It makes a world of difference. And it's making me really, really look forward to the trip in September!

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