Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OMFG, you have GOT to be kidding me -- or -- the saga continues.

So. On the way home yesterday, I had some serious cramps in my abdomen. Very sharp, pokey cramps, low abdomen/uterus area. Like, double over in pain and breathe through clenched teeth for a few minutes bad. Then they went away.

I've also had bad nausea and heartburn. Annoying.

So I decided, what the hell, I'll take another test, I haven't peed in 4 hours.

Aaaaaannnnnnnddd, there was a line. Within the 10 minute window. But very faint. Very, very faint. Like a shadow. So faint I could not tell for certain whether or not there was color. But I could see it and Dh could too. I took apart the test well after the time limit and saw very, very, very faint color (not that it meant anything, since it was past the time limit and I'd opened it, but it made me feel better).

I took another (two) with the same urine and got a similar very faint line. And a negative. I held my urine for three hours, and took another test and it was negative.

Waited until this morning, took a test. Negative. Took another with the same urine and got a similar faint line as last night. Like, I would probably call it a negative, but there was something there, on three different tests. Sigh. I feel a little full and heavy and have light cramps. Boobs are way better, by the way.

I go to the bathroom, and what do I find? Spotting. Not quite a flow, but heavy. I think, what.the.fuck? My period should be here Thursday and this is the kind of spotting I have hours before full flow. I know that your LP can vary by a day either way, but mine never has. I feel disgruntled and angry, and sad about the finality.

I return to the bathroom, and there is NOTHING. A little bit of brown and that's it. So what the hell was it? As I said, I've never experienced spotting like that that slowed and didn't lead to my period shortly thereafter. For there to be nothing . . . I mean. I know it's possible. I know it's likely that I am going to get my period tonight or tomorrow. But what the hell?

Did we really need to drag it out and add all the confusion and drama? (shut up, I know I created a lot of the drama with early testing, I'm ignoring that fact in this rant, thanks) Why?

Just to end this, I'm picking up a FRER on the way home, which I will take tonight if my period doesn't show up in full force. If it does, well, that's answered and it's one less test I need to buy next cycle when I restock.

UGH. Let's end this, please (though if it is still possible to end with a pregnancy this cycle, I'd really love that).

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