Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Funny story.

I'm still totally frazzled at work and burning both ends without much to physically show for it and feeling very stressed out by everything.

So I'll focus on this morning.

Despite my stress and bad health habits, my cycle seems to be progressing ok, and I had watery cm two days ago and eggwhite yesterday. Because I went to be bed at 4:00 am Saturday morning, I didn't temp then and because of bad sleep, I had an open circle for Monday, so things have been sketchy. I emphasized to DH last night that we needed to take my temperature this morning. He agrees.

The alarm goes off. I'm resting at an awkward angle. Now, understand, DH takes my temp in the morning, because the bed is really tall and there is definite movement required to roll over, find the thermometer, reach it, take temp. Maybe not enough to matter, but I can't shut off the goddamned alarm clock to save my life without being awake and wearing corrective lenses, so it works for us (and he knows what the temps mean, so that's a bonus). So yeah, the alarm goes off.

Dh doesn't move. My arm is trapped in a weird way under my body and I'm beginning to reach consciousness. That annoys me, as I intend to sleep for another two hours. I hiss at Dh, who sits up, groans and comes over to turn off the alarm and take my temp. Only he can't find the thermometer. I'm not moving, but I am definitely awake and my arm is beginning to hurt.

He can't find it. At all. At this point, I'm cursing inside my head and am hurting. I know I'm not getting back to good sleep now. He finally turns on the overhead lights to look for it. Minutes are ticking away and I'm getting extremely cranky. It's all I can do not to yell at him about losing the damn thermometer. I mean, who loses a thermometer? Finally, I can't take it anymore. My blood pressure is up, I'm fully awake, I have to move (and pee) and there seems no end in sight.

No sooner do I say "Forget it. I'm getting up. Just fucking forget it." and swing my body around to relieve the pressure from my arm and stand up to go pee does he find it. Of course, it took fifteen minutes and totally waking us up . . . and it was too late at that point.

With the way my luck is going, I'll ovulate tomorrow.

At least now I can see some humor in the frantic thermometer search. From now on, it gets returned to my nightstand before the alarm gets set.

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