Saturday, May 2, 2009

4 weeks!

This is another milestone we can check off. It seems silly, especially when I'm the earliest tester known to man, but to make it out of the first month and into the 4 week/week 5 mark feels like a small victory. We now have an officially missed period and have made it into week 5. YAY!

We're going out to celebrate with a nice dinner tonight. I feel sort of nervous about this, because we did the same with Chickadee, and it's SO early and I'm fearful. But . . . we have no reason think this one won't be our healthy baby. Symptoms are still present, though the nausea has calmed down a lot (maybe I've been getting enough sleep?), and we're moving ahead.

Here is to a reason to celebrate! We'll hope that Tuesday's numbers give us a reason to go get celebratory ice cream cones.


NikkiFudgestick said...

Happy 4 weeks! Have fun!

shotzie said...

Yay for being 4 weeks! I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight!

::doublingormoredust:: :)

Laura said...

aww, I'm happy to hear your optimism! sounds like you need more of that in your life right now!

have a good time and congrats!

kim said...

Just stopping by to say congratulations! I am so happy for you. :)