Friday, May 29, 2009

In the lastest edition of The Vomit Chronicles

It's getting worse everyday.

Astonishing. I had no idea that was even possible. Actually, much of today was better than expected for a long time because there was nothing in my system at all but Sprite. Lunch was sketchy. I did ok with the Easy Mac.

But the burger . . . well. You know how it is when you feel ok, and are eating something and suddenly realize mid-chew that whatever it is you are eating is not going so well? That was the rest of my lunch.

And dinner . . . oh, it's just tragic. Truly, tragic. I had some savory pastries filled with spinach/artichoke/onion/cheese mix. Sounded so divine. Smelled so divine. I actually was really looking forward to it. I thought I'd get some green for the first time in awhile.

And after the fourth bite, I knew. This was not going down without a fight. And it did not stay down.

Vomiting while you are eating dinner is just wrong. I'm sitting here now with a bowl of chicken broth, wondering if I can keep it down. The fact that DH boiled water on a burner that apparently had a spillage last use is arguing 'no' - it's just so . . . mortifying and embarrassing to have such little control and be so reliant on DH to help me and it hurts. Half the time, I just end up curling up and crying after I throw up. I hate being such a baby, but I really, really, really hate vomiting.

I keep trying to tell myself it's great that it's going strong and remaining strong, and this is what I wanted. And part of me believes that. The other part of me is just desperate for it to be over with. Not as in ending the pregnancy - God, I'll put up with hyperemesis if I have to - but just not knowing what's happening in there makes it so much worse to deal with.


kim said...

That sounds miserable. :( I hope it eases up soon.

The Washer said...

E, so sorry to hear that! With my first pregnancy, I would nearly puke every time I went into the grocery store. You know, first through all the veggie/fruits...then past the meat/seafood, along the bakery and then finally by the deli. Those were the fastest shopping trips I have ever made. It'll let up soon, hang in there!


CottonSocks said...

Ugh, we're going grocery shopping this afternoon after the movie. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

spearmint baby said...

awwww, i hope you feel better soon. 1st tri is miserable...hopefully 2nd tri will be non-eventful!