Friday, May 1, 2009

:head desk:

Sorry if this is muffled, but my head is remaining firmly face down on my desk.

I am in FAIL mode.

First - someone made a bet that I wouldn't be unable to stop myself from peeing on a stick yesterday morning. Not only did I NOT temp, I did NOT pee on a stick (or in a cup, like a cheater. I peed in the toilet like a big girl.).

I was so proud.

Naturally, I took a test when I got home. In the interests of science, of course. I figured out that the digitals OPKs have a higher sensitivity than the internet cheapies - meaning it takes more lh (or in this case, hcg) to trigger a positive result. I knew already I had a level of 25. So if the digital was positive, that would mean my hcg was up too.

(it was positive).

Being good this morning, I did not temp or pee again. I told myself I wouldn't pee on a stick tonight.

I even went so far as to drink extra water this afternoon and go pee at 4 pm. Cause see, we normally leave by 5:30 and get home and then I pee in a cup. This way, the urine wouldn't be concentrated enough, so it would be futile to pee on a stick (I know, I know, it's futile anyway, as it will say pregnant, at least for the next couple of days, even if all hcg stopped this instant).

Only now did I remember that DH is working late tonight. So all my plans - for naught. I'm still going to try really hard to wait (I'm certain I will take another test before Monday's beta), but I didn't do so well at making it harder for myself.

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