Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's talk about CM, mmmmkay?

I'm having lots of very wet, white, creamy cm.


So much so that I am changing liners and underwear with a frequency which vaguely disturbs me. This is not something that happened in my other pregnancies and while I welcome the 'snail trail' as a symptom of pregnancy that is common and blissfully normal, it is thoroughly annoying.

Not least because I still think it's a sign I'm spotting or getting my period. I have to curtail the urge to run to the bathroom when I get a new gush of wetness and check. Hell, I have to curtail the urge to reach down my pants and check. I am still carefully inspecting the toilet paper, which has remained color free thankfully. It's all I can do not to shove my fingers up my vag to check my cervix and see if there is any internal spotting.

But since I am trying to live as fear free as possible and not do things that will make the ever-present paranoia worse, I try hard to avoid internal checks - which could lead to paranoia about the state of my cervix and could create the situation I'm so concerned about (ie, spotting from a disrupted cervix).

This would be much easier if I were not dripping fluid, no?

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