Thursday, May 7, 2009

My husband, bless him

He must be one of the most patient men on earth. He has, after all, been married to me for over three and a half years, and survived a two and a half year engagement prior to that. I don't know that I've given him enough credit for how supportive and sweet he's been throughout our ttc and pregnancy issues.

Not only was he amazing last night when he could have been sleeping, but he was an angel today. When I called him to ask for my lunch, he asked how I was feeling and I admitted I felt like crap and didn't really want to eat. I told him that protein sounded good, but I was at a loss as to what to get, as all I could think of near us was fast food and I knew that was a bad idea.

He reminded me that the deli was still open and offered to go get a sandwich. Which, btw, is in the exact opposite direction of me. He was infinitely patient when I got a little teary and unable to predict what would be most gentle on my stomach and said he'd see what looked good. He got me a turkey sandwich on whole grain, and asked them to heat it up so I didn't have to worry about listeria (not that I do).

Bless him.

And it helped a lot. Much of the afternoon was better, though I am liable to keel over and sleep for days at any second. Dinner is worrying me a bit, but meh. I'll either be sick or I won't.

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