Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vivid dreams

So, thanks to whoever suggested twins on here yesterday (and elsewhere). Yes, I'm glaring at you now.

I dreamt about them last night. I dreamt I had a boy and a girl, and it was utterly panic inducing. It was SO vivid and weird.

Even though I seriously doubt it, it will now be in the back of my mind until the u/s. We have little family history on the maternal side (DH's mom is a twin). While the numbers are in the possible range, they are on the low end. I think the odds are pretty slim to begin with.

Oh, and holy shit, that would be awful. There are days I'm not sure we can afford ONE baby. Two makes me shiver in a not good way.

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Patricia said...

If it makes you feel better, I believe it is the mother's paternal side that dictates chances of twins (i.e., your father's side of your family). Like in my family, on my father's side, there are 10 (seriously, TEN!) sets of twins, so I got an early ultrasound in this pregnancy to see if we could get a headcount. (There is one babe.)

My husband's father has lots in his family, too. Significant to us only in the fact that my SIL is currently pregnant with twin girls. But according to everything I've read, as well as my doctor, DH's family history has nothing to do with our chances of having or not having twins.