Saturday, May 23, 2009

7 weeks (ish)!

Truly, now that I know the little chickie is measuring a wee bit behind (though that can be for many reasons - later implantation, a little bit of slow development, the fact that charting is only scientifically accurate +/- 2 days, the measurement from the u/s has an element of human error to it and is generally considered accurate within 3-4 days, give or take - so I'm not concerned about it at all), I really feel a little silly saying I'm 7 weeks, if the chicken is only six and a half weeks. In the end, I don't think it matters much, and I do think there is a good chance of 'catching up' later on. If the NT scan agrees with the later edd, then I'll relive part of a week, I guess, lol. But for now, we'll continue saying I'm roughly 7 weeks, mmmkay?

Regardless, this is exciting times! So much development is happening right now - the baby should be growing about a full milimeter a day, and the heartbeat should be increasing about 3-4 beats per minute per day. The arms and legs should have started developing, and the eyes should have started, the internal organs should pretty much all be in place within the next week and ears and fingers and toes should be forming. Pretty crazy, huh?

While cramping continues intermittently, usually mild, sometimes sharp, the spotting has gone away (yay!) which was a relief. Even though I knew it was from the u/s, the longer it continued, the more concerned I got. So I was great to see that it was gone by yesterday afternoon.

Beyond that, nausea continues, sometimes crippling, sometimes complete with dry heaving and vomiting, though I'm finding that keeping something in my stomach seems to help tremendously. The problem of course is that I have no desire to eat anything. I was craving mashed potatoes for awhile, but the giant serving last night has killed that craving, I think, lol. The problem is that really, I'm pretty much only eating complex carbs and protein, as they are the only things that remotely appeal to me, with an occasional salad or random vegetable or fruit for fun when I don't feel totally sick. That has led to another pregnancy complaint - constipation.

Ugh. Last time, I was able to continue eating fairly regularly, just had constant nausea. But I was able to continue consuming lovely quantities of fruits and vegetables and fiber one bars and yogurt. Now the texture and/or of these items means I am threatened with vomiting as I am eating them, so I just can't bring myself to do it often. This means my fiber intake has seriously dropped and constipation has been an issue. A couple of times it's been so bad that even the patented Kal's Shit Cocktail hasn't worked for me. That is painful. Fortunately, or not, it seems to run in cycles so that eventually for whatever reason (a sudden increase in fiber or something greasy or disagreeable) I will have some mild diarrhea. The suddenness isn't a lot of fun, but I always feel about 6 pounds lighter afterwards, so meh.

My weight has been returning to the pre-pregnancy range, after jumping up quickly, which is good to see. I know that if I exercised I would probably lose more, which wouldn't be a bad thing since I'm supposed to gain only a minimal amount. However, I am feeling so much more sick when I move about and so exhausted that it has literally been difficult to walk from the office to my car some days without wanting to stop and sit down and take deep breaths. I am sure that will clear up in a couple more weeks and then we'll begin a regular gym program coupled with some yoga at home. Because I know how beneficial exercise is, I will find a way to get it done.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good. Seeing that flicker was so amazing and reassuring. While I still have my moments of fearing that I've bolloxed it all up and jinxed ourselves to high heaven (buying maternity clothes and telling the families has terrified me) . . . I feel really good overall. We have every reason to believe that the little chickie is doing great in there.

Oh and for that ever important question - boy or girl? DH remains firmly convinced the chicken is a hen and I've wavered back and forth. Last week, I thought hen and this week, as I was doodling our chosen names, the boy name just seemed more natural. So I'm leaning more towards rooster this week. I suppose one of us has to be right! Of course, I also suppose I am going to second guess this one a lot.

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Roshelle said...

Oh, the early pg constipation. I took colace every day most of my second pg. Saved my life!