Monday, October 13, 2008

And just like that, it's gone!

Almost the blink of an eye.

Saturday was awful again. Woke up feeling ill. Huddled miserably on the couch, feeling nauseous, getting up a ridiculous number of times to pee. Bah. Our chairs arrived, yay! I then huddled less miserably on the glorious new comfy beautiful I am in love with it chair.

Finally ate a chicken breast with cheese - the most substantial item yet and felt well enough to try for some TexMex that sounded good in theory. Hit up the Adobe and got spinach enchiladas, shrimp nachos and sopapillas. Split the nachos, ate some chips and salsa, ate half the sopapillas and half the enchiladas and felt ok. Queasy, but ok.

Next day was better. I had learned from the previous day's experience that going ahead and eating was probably preferable, and left me not feeling so weak. So we went out for brunch and I downed a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of tomato soup. The soup was sort of meh - I'll stick with broccoli cheese there, as I've been underwhelmed by the others I've tried. We then picked up my emergency m/s kit - lemon drops, SeaBands (more in a moment), Preggie (gag me) pop drops, saltines, diet ginger ale and 7up.

I felt ok for much of Sunday. Wore the SeaBands - they are hideous. If you aren't familiar, they are terry cloth wrist bands that have a round plastic button that you center on the acu-pressure point for nausea and it provides some relief from morning or sea sickness. I'm pleased to say that they did help me; didn't take it away 100%, but made me feel I could function. I couldn't wear them all the time - they started to hurt after a few hours and I took them off. I could definitely feel a difference between wearing them and not wearing them. I was much more comfortable with them on.

I had a massage Sunday with my guy and was sad to learn he changed his schedule. I did find out that his new schedule includes going until 6 pm on weekdays, so that was a plus. I will only have to leave a little early once a month to continue seeing him every other week. Yay! I need to schedule the next one, and will have to start scheduling prenatals soon, since laying on my stomach (well, boobs) is beginning to be uncomfortable. But it was a nice massage and only a little nausea.

I stopped at the other side of that shopping center where Mr. Magic Hands is located and popped into Motherhood Maternity (I avoided JC Penney's though, which I think shows great restraint, given that I like their plus size maternity clothes best). I bought some m/s drops and browsed, and found a cute shirt and pair of mat jeans in my size on clearance and got both for $20 each - which if you know anything about Motherhood's overly inflated prices means you know it was a sweet deal. I will probably buy one more pair of mat jeans, since I can't wear jeans at work (sob), but I'll get Duo Maternity, I expect. I'll need to invest in two or three pairs of work pants in the not too distant future. I tried on the jeans when I got home and they are BLISSFUL. I'd wear them full time if I could. No annoying buttons digging in at the wrong places, just wonderful, glorious elastic. The only real issue is that because of where the jean part started, I felt a constant need to pull them up, but meh, I can deal (says the nearly 7 wk pregnant woman).

Today, the morning sickness was mostly a non-issue, which surprised me. Sucking on a lemon drop helped with the first wave. Gritting my teeth, setting down my hamburger helped with the second strong wave. Munching throughout the day helped some, as did the ginger ale. It's weird. I don't want to feel like I did last Friday, where it was somewhat crippling, but nor do I want to not have any - that makes me paranoid. I suppose the vague queasiness I had today when I moved around or ate should be sufficient. Had more waves of it when I got home and feel very bloated today.

The fun new symptom today was about light-headedness. It wasn't disorientation or dizziness exactly, or sleepiness, but like a weird combination that made me feel dreamy or loopy. Very odd feeling to have, really. If it happens again or for any sustainable amount of time, I'll call the midwife again (I tried, but got no answer and didn't have her cell number on me). But I'm sure it wasn't low blood sugar or dehydration. Low blood pressure would be amusing, given that she was concerned with how high it was (it's been reading low at home monitoring).

That's it for the day. Boring, I know. I'll spend some time tomorrow talking about my baby projects and my darling, wonderful, supportive husband, who deserves a world of credit for everything he's doing to support me right now.

*** Edited to add the update I know you were dying for :

A really bad attack of nausea hit shortly after posting. It did not subside until I put on the yellow SeaBands (make me want to Sweat to the Oldies) and ate some saltines and drank some diet 7up. Why diet? It's more carbonated than regular and not as syrupy, so it helps settle the stomach. Ugh. Tossing dinner back and forth. Should try to eat some but really not feeling the vegetable lasagna. But I need to eat it before it goes bad. But I don't want it. I may venture out for egg drop soup. That seems fairly benign. . .

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