Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letter to Chickadee, Week 9

Dearest Chickadee,

Well, hello, my little grape/olive-sized parasite! We made it to 9 weeks and the next appointment, but this past week was a rough ride, wasn't it? I'm glad to report that things seemed good at the appointment this afternoon, though I was disappointed we couldn't hear your heart beating away. We definitely heard Mama's though, so if you can hear anything, that's gotta be it.

You are about an inch long and you finally look more human than reptilian, but I gotta be honest, honey. Your head is about as big as the rest of you right now. Your facial features are more defined, and your eyes are fused shut now. Your ears are there, and and so are most of your tiny organs. Your kidney and liver are working now and soon you'll be getting skin and bones. I'm not surprised we couldn't hear your tiny heart beating, since you are so tiny, but I think we may have figured out where you are hiding in there, which is pretty neat. I hope so. I keep envisioning you there now, just hanging out on the left side of my uterus.

Things are ok. I was getting pretty upset early in the week, and concerned, afraid that we might lose you. But now, I feel a lot more peaceful. I have every reason to believe you are growing well in me and I hope that the blood work tomorrow supports that. Otherwise, we might be going in for your first photography session sooner than we would like to do.

Well, we 'took' you to your first Spurs game last night - what did you think? Ok, I know the Spurs weren't at their best, and they did lose, but it's ok, Chickadee. I think this season is going to be a decent one after all. Exciting anyway. I'm so excited to enjoy this season with you, chatting away while you kick me and react to good and bad plays. Who knows? If we're very lucky, you'll be born in time to see them when their fifth championship! You may be a good luck charm, little one. I hope so, on so many levels.

My morning sickness isn't so bad anymore, which I'm grateful for. I see that you like McDonald's, and I'm not surprised the advertising is getting to you; I understand that can happen young. But seriously, honey, it's not good for you or me, and we need to maybe avoid it for awhile. Though Mama could totally go for a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. YUM. I'm sure you'll love them, but I intend to wait a bit before we test that theory.

Well darling, I'm still getting tired early on, and I'm going to wrap up so I can work on your blanket. I think you'll like it. It's a lovely soft yarn, and it's a pretty silvery-blue color. I can't wait until it's done and I can wrap you up inside it.

Keep growing and stay healthy, little one.

We love you so much already,

Mama and Daddy

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