Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why shaving is a bad idea.

Let's be honest. Shaving your legs is sort of dumb. I mean, it takes effort, they get prickly, they get itchy, razor burn is a hazard, and they dry out more quickly, and just an all around UGH. My confession? I only ever shave to the knee and DH deals.

Well, last week, I felt tired and lazy and rushed, so I didn't shave for pretty the whole week. But I'm ingrained with smooth calves rubbish, so I figured I'd go ahead and shave this morning. It was a hassle. A hassle which led to bad things happening.

Got the right leg done with little problem, though I was already tired of shaving when it was finished.

Moved on the left leg and that's when It happened. My right leg, which is supporting me, starts to slide and down I go. I managed to twist, and grab for something, so what actually hit the tub was my ass. I wrenched my shoulder and some body part went flying through the wall of tub to create a bowl sized hole in the side of my bathtub.

Please understand, it's very old and already weak and cracked and was destined for replacement. Later. When we could afford it. Which is not now. There are a lot of reasons why, but the biggest issue is that we are dealing with a space that is too narrow for modern one pieces, and honestly, for most modern showers. The spaces now are 60-72 inches, and ours is 57.5 inches. And when we replace the tub, we will also have to replace the flooring, and possibly also the toilets (because it should be done when the floor is done to avoid replacing portions of the floor later). And note, this is what is simply necessary, not the cosmetic changes we also want to make.

I lost my shit. Between the pain, the new fear for the baby (even if I didn't hit my stomach, dude, I fell down hard), and the now entirely necessary fix that we entirely cannot afford, I just lay where I fell and cried. I sobbed until Dh came to help me up, I sobbed while I finished shaving that damned left leg, and while I washed the conditioner out of my hair and soaped up. I cried while I dried off. I sobbed while I got dressed and wondered if I should stay home with my feet up, given that I was now having cramps.

The cramps went away and there was no spotting, thank God (I went to the bathroom every 15 minutes for a couple of hours there). My ass is bruised pretty badly and my shoulder hurts. I've been told that there ways to patch it - ugly, but serviceable, which is fine by me and good news, as far as I am concerned. I don't care how it looks - we just shower in there. And it's still going to be replaced, when we have the money to buy a new tub and/or pay for the labor in cash.

But see? This is what happens when we allow vanity to get the better of us. We hurt ourselves and cost ourselves money. I told DH he'll have to live with hairy legs for the rest of his life, because the next fall might send me and the tub down into the kitchen.

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