Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Spurs Are My Life, My Ass is a Map of the Aegean Sea and other misc. news.

Ok, not really. It's not that desperate a situation at all. But the Spurs do play an important role in my life. I'm a really big, very active fan, as is DH. It's one of the hobbies we enjoy together, so we make an effort to watch most of the games and to talk about the NBA and what's happening. I chat during the games and cheer them on and DH and I analyze and quarrel and we love it.

So you can imagine my joy when the season opens, as it did last night.

Sadly, we lost, but it was a close game and there were a lot of positives to take away from it. The energy was much higher than it normally is at the beginning, it appears that the Spurs (primarily Tim Duncan and Tony Parker) understand they are going to have to step up much earlier on and fill in the gap that is left by Manu Ginobili as he recovers. It also appears that they are aware of how tough this will be and how difficult it will be to get all gears clicking with so many new faces. I was pleased with what I saw last night, even if it didn't result in a W.

BTW, the hack-a-big, fat tub of lard known as Shaq in the first 5 minutes and the subsequent thumbs up from Pop? One of my all-time favorite Spurs moments now.

I need to print out a schedule and put it up on my cube.

So, my ass. My entire, rather large, left ass cheek is covered in very dark purple bruises of varying sizes. There are a fair number of blue and green bruises as well. All from the fall in the shower on Tuesday, of course. I showed my DH, because husbands are legally required to look at such things and make inappropriate comments and my husband did not disappoint.

His remark? You guessed it. "Damn, that's awful. But hey! That's sort of cool. Your ass looks like a map of the Aegean Sea! You know, with all the Greek islands and shit?" Thanks, honey.

I apparently damaged my left arm as well, which shouldn't be surprising considering the damage to my ass, but it didn't start hurting until Wednesday, so I was surprised. Some sort of deep tissue bruise. I couldn't fully raise or bend the arm and trying to do something simple like open a door was excruciatingly painful. It just got more and more stiff and by the end of the day I couldn't even take my shirt off without assistance.

So Dh wrapped it up in a heating pad and oh dear Lord did that help. It still aches and I don't have full motion back, but it's so much better now. He still had to help with my bra. Sigh.

The tub is still holey. The goal is to patch, at least temporarily, the holes this weekend. Cross your fingers for me.


In other news, my next appointment is this afternoon. I find that I am nervous but far less nervous than I was at the beginning of the week. Spotting continues randomly - very light, brown to pink, only when I wipe, and then disappears. I'm no longer worried about miscarriage; there are simply too many symptoms and positive signs to be terribly worried about that, but I do find it annoying.

My blood pressure has continued to be ok - so no big worries there. I don't have a log, and I naturally left the cuff/monitor at home, so I hope she takes my word for it. We'll see how the office reading goes. I weigh 315 average at home (undressed) which is 7 pounds down from the last office visit (my scale agreed with theirs afterwards). But naturally, I get dressed, step on the scale at home and it's 320. I am shocked my clothes weigh that much, but I can't imagine I gained a ton of weight since last night.

The coolest thing is that I can feel my uterus now. I wasn't sure that was it, but I've been feeling this heavy feeling in my low abdomen for a week or two now, and I tried feeling for the uterus, just above my pubic bone (since it should be starting to grow up and out of the pelvic cavity now) and I thought I felt it. Then I had doubt. Last night I made DH do it and he could totally feel it. It was awesome. He pointed out the top of it, where is stopped and started and said that it was like a tennis ball in there. Hee! I feel so much better now, because it wasn't just me! That's a really positive sign that things are proceeding well, imo. That, taken with the pregnancy symptoms make me much more comfortable about things.

Jackie will try to hear a h/b and I'm beginning to be hopeful. I'm going to try hard not to be disappointed or panicky if she can't hear anything, but she sounds so confident and I know where my uterus is now, so I find myself really hoping. We'll see later. If not this week, then probably soon.

A letter to Chickadee (9 weeks today!!!) and an update to follow later today.

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