Monday, October 6, 2008

This pregnancy update is brought to you by the letters W, T, and F!

As in Whisky.Tango.Foxtrot.

This is not a big deal. This is barely a minor blip. Compared to morning sickness (which is still vague nausea that passes relatively quickly) or the blood pressure concerns (which I'll post about tomorrow) or the frequent urination (which is hella annoying) (dear lord, did I just type hella? heaven help me) - this is a teeny, tiny non-event.

Nevertheless, it had me scratching my head in wonder.

So, my one nearly constant symptom has been my boobs. They hurt. They're tender. They ache. They are heavier and bigger and the right one is now visibly bigger than the left one. With the exception of that last point, none of this is unexpected or even particularly unwelcome (since I like having some sort of symptom).

What did send me reeling was the discovery I made last night. Allow me to set the stage for you. It was getting late, but I was wide awake. I decided to divert myself and chillax (oh, god, I just did it again. what, did I get stuck in the mid-late 90's bro?) by taking the laptop upstairs, stretching out and reading a story. Great. I laid on my stomach until that became uncomfortable, and then sat up and set the laptop on my lap. I was prepared for sleepy-time, and therefore topless (because I cannot stand having something on me), and I noticed something that simultaneously fascinated and horrified me.

My right nipple has gotten visibly larger.

Now, this is not entirely unexpected. I was told at my last breast exam that I had flat nipples, which pose additional challenges to breastfeeding. I mentioned it to my mom, who informed me that prior to her pregnancy with me, she too had flat nipples, but they grew out during pregnancy and she had no trouble breastfeeding. So I sort of figured with all the other changes, this would also happen. But I vaguely thought it would happen 'later' - some time later, when 'those things' happen.

Prior to 6 weeks was a bit of a rude shock. As was the fact that it only has happened on the right side. I'm sure the other nipple will come along, but I feel a bit lopsided already.

Naturally, DH has taken this opportunity to offer to weight my left bra cup so that I do not walk around in circles.

He has no idea how close he came to death with that comment.

Which is funny, because he normally is right on top of this stuff. He's cottoned on to the fact that when I am in the midst of a hysterical, on the verge of tears, emotional breakdown/freak out/mood swing, it's frequently related to a need to eat. Once he feeds me, I am rational and sane again. So now he's taken to protectively throwing food at me, much as one would a tempramental and hungry lion. He urges me to keep food near me at all times, so as to preserve his own arm, since I can go from complete disinterest in food to FEED ME NOW OR BE EATEN YOURSELF in about 10 seconds. Which is totally crazy, by the way, but true.

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