Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello, my friend, hello.

My friend morning sickness that is.

Of course, we all know all about the misnomer and that morning sickness can strike at any time or last all day. Morning sickness is one of the cliches of pregnancy.

Well, it's made it's appearance, and by all views seems content to settle in.

I've had some waves of nausea throughout, but this past week it's gotten a lot worse. Coming more frequently, staying longer. Ugh. No vomitting so far, but today it wasn't for want of trying. And I hate vomitting. It's among my worst fears. I hate being so out of control of my body and the hideous feeling of throwing up. I shudder to think of it.

Today started well - a good night's sleep, feeling ok. Not nauseated, even a littel bit. Since the plan for food for the day was more spinach broccoli soup and vegetable lasagna, I decided that since I felt so well, eggs and turkey sausage were clearly the ways to go. I couldn't have been more wrong, as I realized half-way through the piece of toast with egg on it. I choked it down anyway, hoping the turkey sausage I so adore would save me. The first piece tasted lovely, but I had to choke it down too, and could only manage a bit of the second piece. Jason ate the third. I felt sick to my stomach for the next two hours, though sipping on some orange juice and water helped. I even managed to eat a small cinnamon roll at my training with more orange juice (and I think the extra food helped).

But then lunchtime came and the worst feeling of all - hunger mingling with nausea. I knew I had to eat, but eating sounded so repugnant. Especially when I think of what we had. I asked Dh to bring me something more bland - in this case, a more adult oriented version of Lunchables - real cheese and slightly less processed meat. It went down fine and I felt better. Foolish, foolish me.

An hour later the worst attack hit and I literally ran to the bathroom to hover over the toilet heaving and breathing deeply alternately for ten minutes before I decided it wasn't happening after all and I went back to work to concentrate on not vomitting. Good times. The walk to the car was sucky, but the drive was ok. I got home and hit up the morning sickness prevention kit my good friend thoughtfully made for me, and the candied ginger made me gag, so I opted for the sour candy balls. And what do you know? They worked! I could even think of dinner! Though not the vegetable lasagna - that is too much. I'm opting for a small salad and rice and chicken. Bland, bland, bland. I will try to drink some vegetable juice later for extra variety of vegetables, but . . . we'll see.

I'm sipping it down with a nice chilled real ginger brewed ale, and you know what? I've come to the realization that I don't like ginger. I thought I did, but since I found out I'm pregnant, the smell of ginger has been jumping out at me and it's horrifying and stomach turning and I don't care for the taste either. Ew.

I'm trying to stay positive about this all though - morning sickness can be a good sign. Morning sickness equates to a lower risk of miscarriage and I've sort of been hoping for it as a reassuring sign. Sucky as it is, mind. It's supposedly partially a result of the hormones being so high and the body trying to adjust and blah blah fishcakes. It's hard to remember this is a good thing, but I'm trying to be positive. So far everything has been just about text book, so that's good. But . . . ugh.

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