Thursday, October 30, 2008

Midwife Appointment Update

This was posted in about four other places, and is no different than what wa posted there; so skip away if you've already read this.

No heartbeat on the doppler, booo!

It was pretty tame otherwise. Peed in a cup and the student got a funky reading on the glucose, but threw the urine out so I had to pee in a cup again. It's fortunate I'm peeing nearly every hour now, so it wasn't a big issue. Urine clear and fine.

B/P was normal. I told her at home it had been reading really low, and she was surprised that it was so much higher. I think it's just the office setting (I was shaking from nerves in the bathroom), honestly. My home monitor may be off, but it's right on when DH takes it. She said her big concern is it being high, and since it's not, she's not concerned. Just continue monitoring at home.

We talked about the spotting and she said she was a little concerned that I had more last night, but what I was describing was just something to monitor, since it has been really light and has consistently gone away. She talked about sending me for an u/s if we couldn't find the heartbeat. Then she and the student each tried for about 20 minutes to find the heartbeat, but no luck. We could hear mine really well, lol - my h/b was REALLY fast and loud. She said I had good blood supply to the uterus. Both she and the student paused at the same point on the left side - oddly, where I've had the most cramps, and I'm fairly certain that is the side I ovulated on - and thought they heard something for an instant, but then nothing. She did say that she could feel my uterus just at the top of the pubic bone, so we are right Blair. She said it's just too early.

We talked about our options, and decided to take blood for an HCG check and see where the levels are. If they are over a threshold number, she'll draw again next week and I'll go back in two weeks or so to try again for a h/b. If the numbers seem low, then she's going to send me for a u/s, hopefully tomorrow. She expects the bloodwork back by noon, possibly first thing (she's rushing it). She said the fact that I have a plethora of symptoms is a positive thing and that my ute is enlarged is a good thing. She said my blood supply is clearly increased, and she was able to draw on the first try (she had to stick me 5 times last visit to get the blood for the early tests).

All in all, I feel pretty good. I'm disappointed we couldn't hear anything, but was totally prepared for that. I feel that the blood draw is going to come back just fine, so I'm hoping to avoid the u/s. I don't know why, but I just feel really peaceful about everything.

Oh, two other things. I've lost 5 pounds by their scale (8 by my home scale), which is not a bad thing, since I'm so overweight, and she solved our insurance dilemma by offering not to file a claim until January. This way we only pay one deductible after all. That's a HUGE weight off my mind. Maybe now I can buy a new bathtub. ; )

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