Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pregnancy Brain.

I always sort of laughed this one off.

Boy was I wrong. It does exist and it's sad. So very sad. It's what happens when the baby starts parasitically eating your brain. Mmmm, yummy mummy brain. . .

Here are some recent examples of pregnancy brain in my life:

- I nearly forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair the other day. Fortunately I noticed prior to stepping out of the shower.

- A week ago, I shaved one leg. Not the other.

- I've forgotten to pay two bills this month. Oops.

- I've gotten lost mid-sentence and forgotten what the hell I was talking about.

- I stepped into the shower today with my underwear still on, and I forgot to soap up while in there.

I am amazing. I understand now what happened to my mother and why she can't always speak in coherent full sentences. It's my fault. I did that to her when I was a mere embryo/fetus. And now Chickadee wreaks revenge on behalf of her eaten brain.

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