Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The boobs, the boobs! They are sore. Not as painful as before, but sore to the touch.

More than that, I am thoroughly exhausted.


Wait for it . . .

Totally nauseated. I felt uninterested in food earlier, but then I felt like I would gnaw DH's arm off if I didn't eat that precise second. I had a fiber bar and some juice but meh. I had some eggs and toast to get some protein, and oh, Lord was it hard to eat.

And now, I'm swallowing back nausea.

Thank you God.

I never thought I'd be so relieved to feel sick to my stomach, especially since it is the feeling I dread most in the world. I hate vomiting. But I told Dh (and I meant it) that I will gladly welcome morning sickness and vomiting if it means I remain pregnant and have a healthy child. I didn't say it would all be in good grace, so I have wiggle room to complain if it gets bad, but for right now? This nausea is so welcome.

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