Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bit of a change.

As you've undoubtedly already noticed, I played with the appearance of the blog for a bit this afternoon. I couldn't find a background I liked more, but the fall-ish colors were beginning to depress me a bit. Spring is coming soon, which means flowers and growth and lovely weather and good things.

I'm feeling hopeful that other changes are coming soon as well, such as decreased hcg and a new cycle and chance to procreate, hopefully with a bit less drama.

So in the spirit of an early spring cleaning that takes far less time than actually cleaning, say, my house, I have changed it up here instead. Hope you like it, but if you don't, well, sorry. It's staying like this for awhile, unless I get to work and the appearance on that monitor scalds my eyes out.

In the spirit of hope and expectation of a new cycle, I spent waaaaay too much money yesterday on more OPKs and pregnancy tests. Shhhhh, don't tell DH. I bought 100 opk's and 50 pregnancy tests - cassette style, which is my preference - from I could have gotten a 100 pregnancy tests as well, but DH would have killed me. The way his eyes bugged out in apoplectic stupor when I explained that I did purchase what I did made me relieved that I stopped where I did (there). The idea is that I use the opk's during my long fertile periods and when they seem positive, I confirm with the fantastic, lovely digital tests. This way, if continuing ttc takes awhile we are wasting less money. I also got a good deal on digital opk's on EBay. Oh, also digital tests and FRER tests. Again, shhhhhh.

Surprising as it was to me (but probably no one else), I have found that despite my m/c I still want to test early and often. I want to know what is happening in there, if only to start worrying about the appropriate thing as soon as possible. That requires a good deal of tests. Many of my EBay deals have expiry dates of this summer, so I have some time to use them. The other stuff should be good well into 2010. So yay!

Now, let's just all cross our fingers for decreased hcg at tomorrow's blood draw, shall we? My boobs mostly feel less sore. Not achey like they did previously and that was about the only pregnancy symptom I had. The spotting has also decreased and changed - no red spotting since Friday, and the amount is much smaller- now it's more like stained cm than actual spotting. So I'm hoping, hoping, hoping. If for no other reason than 6 weeks without sex is really, really starting to wear on me. I want to get laid.

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Mrs. MooMoo said...

G*D I feel your pain!!! In every way. I want to test like crazy, what kinda deals did you score there?! I dunno how to use OPK's b/c I used them when we started TTC, and they were all negative, yet I still managed to get pregnant on one of those days. I just went by my temp though, but i think the whole testing would work better now since I just went through a m/c and have no idea what my temping is like...I also cannot manage to sleep for 3 hrs or longer to get an accurate temp. Damnit. And -- poor DH needs the sex and so do i -- I think i used to take it for granted before all this pregnany stuff LOL