Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No news is good news. At least sort of.

By which I mean - nothing in the tubes that the tech could see (and she spent some time checking out the left tube) and nothing in/on the ovaries. Which is good news. I won't lose a tube tonight. The bad news is that there was likewise nothing to be seen in the uterus either.

So, something has to be growing somewhere in there to be continuing to produce and increase hcg. But it's too small to show up on u/s. So it could still be ectopic and it could still show up as non-viable in the uterus.

Sigh. So really, no news. No answers. But some clarification that I shouldn't have to worry too much about a tube rupture in the next couple of days. Should levels not drop on their own, I will still have to explore a shot of methotrexate. Which would also entail a mandatory 3 month sabbatical from ttc. That would suck, but would be preferable to losing a fallopian tube or an ovary, so we'll just go with that if it's necessary. There would be benefits to it should it be necessary - 3 more months to pay off some debt and to work on returning to healthy eating and exercise/weight loss.

But I hope for things to resolve on their own. That would be peachy keen as far as I am concerned.

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