Monday, January 26, 2009

A couple of random thoughts after I've cooled down some from this morning.

1. This guy was not my OB. He was the OB that my midwife colloborates with when something appears abnormal or something crosses the line to beyond the scope of her care. While he sucked ass, I do want to note that at least he works with a mw. Many doctors will not colloborate on patients or see their clients because they assume care and we are suddenly covered under their malpractice, even if the fault lies with the midwife's care (or lack thereof). So he may be a raging asshole, but I will give him credit for that. And prior to that, his treatment of me was terrific. He was open and explained things and patient with my questions. THEN he was a raging asshole. So the mw was right that he at least knows his shit.

2. We will have to check the expiration date on the condoms in the condom drawer, as we have not used them in nearly 8 months and have not purchased any in some time. Weird feeling to be purchasing condoms right after a ton of pregnancy tests.

3. I feel a lot of mortification about how he spoke to me and what he said. Because while he was wrong about much of it, fundamentally, I am fat and I should lose more weight before getting pregnant. But that also has to be balanced between the other stuff in our life. I will be back on WW next week and I will be resuming a normal workout routine. But it won't be because of asshole doc. It will be because it's the best thing for me to do for my own health and a future pregnancy. Period. And I'm going to think of him and use him as motivation. Because I will have a healthy pregnancy and I'm not going to wait to lose a bunch of weight first. Because I know that health has a lot more to do with your lifestyle than your weight.

4. At least asshole OB was covered by my insurance (which, incidentally, is one reason my mw sent me to him).

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share the experience said...

I feel you on #2. Good luck on getting through all of this -