Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig!

That is what my mom always said as we pulled into the driveway, whether we were going home from school or from a two week trip to other states of the union.

Home again, home again.

It's a comforting statement, as soothing as her voice when I don't feel well. And it applies equally to my return to my home, away from her.

We are home again, and as has become routine, we left my mom all alone, waving in the driveway, as I blink back tears and drive away. I miss her and I am always sad to leave her all alone.

However, returning home - ah, home. The comforts of being able to be ourselves, to be comfortable, with our things around us. To have cable and internet, to have all our distractions and luxuries like our own bed. Oh, I love my bed.

The holidays were nice - nicer than I expected. Though I am not sorry to be home again, and no longer running from one group to the next, trying to balance our need to enjoy the last rest from work for some time and seeing every single family member an equal amount of time.

It is good to be home. But it is bittersweet.

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