Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling somewhat better today

After talking to my mw, I feel somewhat better. It's a weird situation. She was really surprised we didn't see anything at all, but I'm not given what I've learned about u/s and hcg levels recently. She is still not terribly concerned about an ectopic; her reasoning seems to be that as abnormal as this has been, it doesn't meet up with the expectations of an ectopic. The uterine lining is normal and there aren't other indications that one would expect to see from an ectopic. She seems to think that it is another miscarriage.

Right now the plan is to repeat bloodwork Monday (or Tuesday) and see what it does. If it goes up, another u/s and we could reasonably expect to see something somewhere. If we don't and the levels are over 1000, it is a presumptive ectopic and I will see her back-up OB or an OB of my choosing. If the levels go down, then that is a presumptive m/c and we just need to do another round of b/w to verify the levels are decreasing.

So . . . yeah. Apparently about half of all ectopic pregnancies resolve themselves and a good percentage of abnormal intrauterine pregnancies resolve themselves. Given that the levels are SO low a good 6 weeks post ovulation, the odds are increasing that this is going to resolve itself. That would be ideal of course.

I am just feeling a bit back and forth. I will feel better if things resolve themselves, because it means we are more likely to return to a cycle soon and to ttc again. Though, honestly, a break may not be the worst idea ever. I'm just so tired of all of this. I'd like to be normal again.

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Mrs. MooMoo said...

ditto that!! normal again -- I can't wait for it myself...