Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad, bad day.

Spotting - reddish (knew it was probably from yesterday, still frustrating). Nausea. No breakfast. Desperate plea for food. DH brought a cheeseburger which made me gag. Don't even mention the fries (they weren't touched). Pregnancy brain, work meltdown, tears shed in my office.

And then. Then.

Cramps. Awful, clinching, ripping uterine cramps. Horrible. Painful. Terrifying. Reminded me of the cramps I had on misoprostol.

Went to the bathroom, no signs of bleeding. Back to office. Subsides, but sudden urge to vomit came on. Made it back to the bathroom, vomit up earlier cheeseburger. Cramps return. Feel more to the right now (cyst issue? constipation? still having some uterine cramps). Lay down on couch in bathroom for awhile. Doesn't help. Go back to office, nearly double over in pain. Gasp to coworker that I'm having bad cramps and plan to shut my door and lay down on the floor.

Do that. Call DH, starting to feel a little panicky. This is eerily familiar and scary and awful. Still no signs of bleeding. Lay there, talk to him as he tries to make me calm and rational. Feel a little better, roll onto my side and feel immediately a LOT better. Still no signs of bleeding. Start to think maybe this isn't the beginning of a miscarriage, and sit up. Eventually move back to chair.

Friends say I may be dehydrated. Start to say no, and realize, actually probably yes. On their advice, start gulping back water. Drink two and a half glasses in the next 30 minutes and feel way better. Still have a sore spot towards the right. Constipation is suggested - possible. Eating habits (lack thereof, really as I have aversions to 96% of food items available) discussed.

Day continues, but I am still having aches and heaviness and fullness. Figure that I could stomach some chicken and roasted potatoes and french onion soup, so we stop and buy them. I did eat the chicken, though it was close. Potatoes were good, but I fill up quickly these days, so only ate a few of them. Haven't touched the soup yet, will eat some later tonight. Also stopped and bought some Fibercon to help with the constipation. God, I hope it works.

I don't want to relive this day again. One of the worst things? Thinking during the cramping that today should be 9w1d for the chickie and just how unlucky that has been for us. I tried my best to stay calm and not completely lose my shit, and I was partially successful. Still - like I said - be happy with never again, really. Hopefully, the worst is behind us and I will focus on trying my best to stay totally hydrated in future. I never realized the dehydration cramps would be that severe. Sort of like the heartburn vise in my chest that I was concerned was the beginning of a heart attack. It's nuts. I thought I knew a lot about pregnancy, and I guess I do, but I never realized quite how bad or painful it could be.


Lore B said...

What a terrifying day! I hope you never have to experience that again! Drink up, woman!

Serendipite said...

Whew - hope that's the end of that :(