Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Itch

The itch to shop for baby gear, that is.

It's come and gone throughout this pregnancy for me. I was very anti-baby gear shopping with Chickadee, for reasons I could never explain, and which my Dh found baffling (not that he wanted to complain, mind you) given my propensity to descend on BRU with no warning while ttc just to gush over the littleness of the cute items.

I have not yet set foot in BRU, but it's more for lack of being near one at an appropriate time than anything else. I've had the desire and have satiated that with a couple of online browses here and there.

Today the urge hit again and so I decided to be constructive with it. One of my friends has a shower coming up and while I'm not sure that I can make the actual event, I want to get her a kick-ass gift because I've not yet been able to properly thank her for the kick-ass congratulatory gift she left me when we found out we were pregnant with Chickadee. It was the nicest thing ever, and I sucked at reciprocating, so I want to make sure she gets a kick ass gift from me for the baby.

And of course, I know a few other people with registeries going up or recently added and I lurve browsing.

So . . . I may go soon to purchase before the items I want are purchased by someone else. But man oh man . . . the itch is there. I've found myself asking DH about some of the things I want and seeking his opinion . . . mind you, we have a lot of the big gear already purchased or handed down and stored. The big outstanding items are the crib mattress, a pack'n'play, a co-sleeper (which I find vastly overpriced and hope to get used) and a few items in the $50-$80 range (the range I consider 'group gift' or 'family obligation' as I would be unlikely to spend that much myself). I don't anticipate that anyone will throw me a shower, outside work, given how scattered my friends are and how not into the childbearing years quite yet DH's friends are. Still, you never know, someone may think of it and offer. I am glad it's not something we've counted on and have much of the big stuff out of the way already.

Now that I have hit (and little chickie should soon hit) double digits (10 weeks - ish today sort of!), I am finding myself increasingly hopeful. Still nervous and prone to a fit of anxiety, but . . . we're getting there, you know? And those little teeny baby items are looking more and more like they may yet find their way into my home.

In the meantime though - I'll just look and let the itch be scratched by my friends' more pressing needs.


Echloe said...

Shopping for baby stuff is always fun. But I'm going weary of buying that stuff for myself too. It is tough after a loss. But you have plenty of time to get things for your little one. Hopefully someone will want to show you a shower too.

Ibis said...

I desperately want a co-sleeper as well. Trying to justify buying one that converts to a P&P...