Monday, June 1, 2009

Walking cliche

My lunch?

Not the nutritionally balanced vegetable soup or chicken noodle soup with orange, fiber bar and yogurt that my DH lovingly packed for me.

Nope. Easy Mac. And plain Pringles if I want them. And Sprite. And water.

Also, I really like pickles. Not like intense cravings for them, but it's one thing I can reliably eat. And DH mocks me every.single.time.

Ridiculous, no?


Nlvaden said...

pickles arent a cliche for just no reason at all!

aggieonboard said...

Ah yes, the pickle phase. We all go through it. I still have a half eaten jar in my fridge, though I may never eat one again.

Alyssa said...

ohhh I wish my DH packed me a lunch :)

Lindsay said...

I craved pickle and tomato sandwiches with mayo. I hope that doesn't turn your stomach. It makes me sick though thinking that I ate it Ack!