Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A more positive post - cravings

Ok, yesterday, I had the most ridiculous, out of the blue, completely inexplicable craving for astronaut ice cream. You know, the freeze dried stuff that basically comes in neopolitan or cookies and cream and sort of melts on your tongue like baked meringue and that you can mostly find at science museums or middle school dances? Yeah, that stuff. So I immediately went to Ebay and bought a 10 pack. Why Ebay? I remember that one of my favorite sellers sells it - I had to find some when I discovered two years ago that my husband had a horribly neglected childhood and had never tried it before and I haven't thought of it since.

I'm counting the days until it gets here.

And also, much as I want to blame Blair for this, I can't. She spurred me into action, but it was in place before hand. I am dying to go back to The Melting Pot. When we were there over a month ago, we finally tried the oil cooking style (when my mom and I first went, we tried the coq au vin). If you've never been to The Melting Pot, allow me to explain in the brief paragraph following, if you have, skip ahead.

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant. Most people have had cheese or chocolate fondue - and they do these excellently there - but like me, had never had meat fondue before. Basically, if you order The Big Night Out, you pay a ridiculous price for a four course meal for 2. The first course is cheese, which they make table side; we've had traditional Swiss each time. I think we'll branch out for the next, but whether it will be Cheddar or Spinach artichoke, I haven't decided. Then they bring you salad, I highly recommend the Ceasar with their parmesan crusted baked pine nuts (or little crispy sweet bits of heaven). Then they bring out a giant-ass plate of seasoned, portions meats. We get the fusion, which comes with pork, chicken, ravioli like purses, sirloin, shrimp, lobster and filet mignon. And veggies - potatoes, broccoli, giant mushroom caps. And you cook it a piece at a time, in a 'style' of your choice - either a broth base with different flavors or in oils and there are tons of sauces to try with it all. Following that, you heave a sigh when they bring you dessert and then you roll yourself out of there. So delicious.

Anyway, as I said before, when DH and I went, we cooked in oil, per my friend's recommendation. And OMG. I can't wait to take my mom back and do it again with her. They bring out batters! And they bring out a green goddess sauce, which you can fill the mushroom cap with, and then you dip the mushroom cap in the batter and you have a fried, stuffed mushroom. And it was divine.

And I've been dreaming about it. And when Blair talked about her birthday plans, it reminded me of my birthday. And my meal at The Melting Pot. And OMG I want those fucking mushrooms again. The rest is good and all, but I NEED those fucking mushrooms.

So I talked my husband into it - he liked it well enough, but it's pricey and he isn't a fan of cooking his own food for that much money, but he loves me and wants me to shut up about the goddamned mushrooms, so we're going this weekend.

I can't wait. I am literally thinking about those damn mushrooms whenever I stare off into space. Oh, and did I mention, I am eating a pickle as I type this? Dill, naturally. Sweet pickles are from the devil.

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