Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Normal post interrupted by the following new update:

OMG, I think we heard the heartbeat!

I had a post all planned out, talking about the mixed blessing of loss communities, and I think the thoughts are good ones, so I'll save them for another time.

In the meantime, I have to squee and jump up and down and turn cartwheels and everything, because holy fuck, y'all, I think we found it!

The second I plopped it down - right on the spot I've been checking, near the placenta, there was an immediate sound like a drumbeat or an oncoming train clacking. Not static, rhythmic, sort of like a technobeat!

The monitor picked up the 160's for a few seconds then went blank, but I could still hear the sound for a little bit. Then nothing. I moved tad, heard the placenta whistling through the uterus trees (that is what it sounds like anyway), angled it a bit, and then again, both the whistling and the beat-y sound. Then I found my blood whooshing, and I called DH and asked him what he could hear, moved it back a bit, and he said, "That's the placenta."

I said to ignore that and listen close and he scrunched up his face and said, "I hear it, I think. Like . . . clacking, sort of like a garage door opening or something. It's like a really soft, rapid tapping noise."

So. Heartbeat, right? To be sure, I moved it to the left side and it was silence. Nothing, no blood whooshing, no placenta sounds, no static. It's still faint, but on the right side, now and then, for a few seconds, I could hear the technobeat sounds. The monitor would come and go but it does that even when I'm picking up my h/b loud and clear.

OMG, I think little chickie might actually be in there!

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Ibis said...

Yes, that's it! You described it well. It is like a clacking, staccato beat, different from what your own HB sounds like. Yay!