Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Midwife appointment was good!

Whew. So I moved up my appointment so the midwife could assess the dilation and cervical length/thickness in person and advise from there.

I was nervous going in, but coming out, I felt great.

She was very reassuring in general and specifically regarding the cervix. Length and thickness are good. The dilation is only at the tip and not inconsistent with having had a dilated cervix before. At this point, given no bleeding (at this time), no cramping, so signs of shortening or thinning, she thinks there is no cause for concern, but we will continue to be vigilant. She's going to request that they do a cervical check at the same time as the NT scan for reassurance, and we'll check again at the big anatomical scan and if there are any warning signs we'll do pelvic exams as needed.

No h/b on doppler which was unsurprising, but also unconcerning, since we just saw the baby's strong h/b on Saturday. She said we should definitely hear something by the next appointment, and I could come in sooner if I felt concerned, but that since we're planning the NT scan, it probably wouldn't be necessary, because we'll see the baby on u/s then.

Blood pressure was good, heartrate was good (both are usually elevated in a clinical setting, even on with flowery quilts). Urine dip was fine. No blood draws this time, to both our relief. Weight is down at least 7 pounds - 10 by my scale at home.

Overall, I felt very reassured when I left, and feel much more relaxed and happy about this pregnancy again. I know specifically what to watch out for, and feel calmer about everything. What a relief.


shotzie said...

I'm so glad your appointment went well and you're starting to feel at peace again.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I appreciate the advice/information. :)

Blair said...

I am so ready for your NT scan, it's not funny.