Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today has been a lot better.

Nausea has not been nearly as bad (maybe it was the McDonald's last night?? tasted good and stayed down!) today, which is great. Food aversions abound though, and there is truly very, very little I am at all inclined to eat. Fun times, yo.

I slept very well last night - very involved dreams, but I can't remember them at all.

I felt a feeling of peace come over me this morning, a feeling that all will be well. I don't know for certain whether or not that is really true or quite where it comes from, but I am grateful for at least a small restoration of peace in my spirit.

I talked with the mw last night and she listened to my concerns and explained a little about why she isn't concerned but took me seriously and agrees that following up is the right move. I'm going to see her tomorrow for an exam, and she is going to request the records from the ER so she can read the u/s report and get a better sense of the cervical length (which is the bigger indicator of incompetant cervix). I also got a couple of good recommendations for OB's who DO take my insurance, so I'm ready to go for a second opinion or to transfer care if it is necessary. Not my first choice, but obviously, the health and safety of the baby is the top priority.

So, there is some relief in feeling like I've got at least the beginning of a plan, in some form of action and hopefully reassurance. If nothing else, keeping a monitoring eye on it is comforting.

So thanks for all the thoughts, wishes, and prayers. We're moving along. I am 9.5 weeks and the little chicken should be catching up to 9 weeks as well soon. Just moving right along.

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