Monday, June 22, 2009

Been awhile since I posted.

Just not much going on, truly.

I've been feeling much better since Wednesday. Spotting did indeed stop and has graciously stayed away, which helps my frame of mind. Additionally, I finally ordered a doppler (HiBebe with digital display, from Ebay) and even just ordering it made me feel better.

It arrived on Friday, and I quickly tried to make use of it. I learned in the process that I need to press down more than expected. It took me at least 10 minutes to find my own heartbeat, lol. And I knew that there was a large artery running right across my ute. I also found the placenta (sounds like wind through trees or crashing waves) but nothing else.

And I didn't freak out. I didn't worry, I didn't fret, I just shrugged and said, that's ok.

I tried three more times over the course of the weekend (and honestly, I feel bruised now, lol, so I am leaving off for a couple of days). On Sunday, the monitor picked up (though I couldn't really hear it personally) a steady rhythm for at least 10 seconds: once in the 150's and once in the 170's. There were two times that I picked up a steady reading on the monitor in the 230 -240s. As my heart beat was clearly whooshing away in there loudly, and there was at least once a faint echoing drum beat sound, I think it was both heartbeats combined.

I was hesitant to trust that, since I've heard the monitor can flicker and jump and be a bit unreliable, and I honestly didn't hear much (maybe a faint background noise if anything). But everyone has told me that I can be reasonably sure that was in fact the baby.

If that's so . . . well, then, we're almost in the clear! Astounding. I'm holding my breath until I can actually hear the noise myself and until the NT scan is actually happening and we see little chickie on the screen moving about at the right size and all that jazz.

But really? I'm doing prety well.

Nausea and sore boobs are not gone completely (and sore nipples are VERY present - ouch), but have greatly subsided. Exhaustion remains, frequent urination remains. I am glowing (seriously.)but also have a few bad zits here or there. Food aversions are lessening (but can crop up with no warning). I can feel the uterus moving up . . . and my conclusion is pregnancy? Is just weird. The pain it brings, the weird physical things I am experiencing and the mental aspect . . . just weird.

(oh, and still thoroughly convinced it is a girl.)


Laura said...

I am really happy to see this upbeat entry after the last two. and very, very glad to hear that the spotting stopped!


Mrs. MooMoo said...

soooooo glad you are doing well!!! and I agree with laura -- nice to see an upbeat entry. I don't blame you for your worries though, I feel I will be exactly the same way if/when I get pregnant again.

You're doing good, just keep on doin' girly!

Echloe said...

Glad to know the spotting stopped.

Echloe said...

Glad to know the spotting stopped and everything is o.k.