Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking for the bright side.

The baby seems to be fine.

I seem to be fine.

The bleeding is little more than tannish-brown spotting when I wipe.

There is no threat to the pregnancy at this time.

DH will now have to rearrange the closet as I am not to lift anything heavier than a fork. I will have to direct him. Hee.

I still get angry over the mess when I think of it, but there is nothing to be done, so I'm going to focus on the positives.

Along those lines, Chickie has just about caught up to our original edd, so that's cool. I'm officially over 12 weeks. Additionally, we got one picture in which we think we can make out a face - eyes and a nose and lips. That, or it's an ear. Shrug. If it's a face, it inherited DH's long narrow face and probably (hopefully) my nose.

So. Yeah. Cheers.


The Washer said...

Ok, because I wasn't good at math and I don't recall you posting it, what IS your due date?? :D

Oh, and very happy all is well with the lil one!

CottonSocks said...

Based on ovulation, 01.09.10 (which is awesome for a number geek like me, but we sort of hope for 01.04.10, because then there would be a family birthday on the 4th of the month in January, February, March and April. 01.10.10 and 01.11.10 are pretty cool too, imo).

Based on the early u/s, it was moved to 01.13.10. But Chickie has 'caught up' to near the original date. Laziness paid off, and I never adjusted my original tickers, just said Chickie was behind a bit in my head, lol.

mtendere said...

I'm sorry this has been so rough for you. I hope you are drama free for the rest of your pregnancy!