Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Bee

Yesterday was pretty productive and today is shaping up to be at least equally so. If nothing else, I brought work home that has been neglected to this point.

We cleaned out, vacuumed, washed and waxed Grover and sometime today or tomorrow we will condition the leather and clean the interior windows. He looks pretty nice. It gave us the opportunity to chat with one of our neighbors. He didn't think much of our care of Charlie, lol, and had apparently been wondering when/if we would take care of this car. He was intrigued by our choice in waxes and how quickly it went (the trade off naturally being that it won't last quite as long as other more intensive treatments.

We got all the plants in and got the beds stripped and prepped and DH pulled all the weeds and we pruned the esperanza and the plumbago. Awesome. Today we need to plant, plant, plant. I hope we get enough time out there to do that - DH has been cleaning upstairs. We made a deal - if he would put everything away (where it goes and not just shoved in a closet) I will deep clean from top to bottom. I don't mind doing that but I hate straightening and am totally ineffective at it, as I end taking a book from upstairs, going downstairs, setting it down, clearing the bookshelves, rearranging the books, taking the stuff I cleared from the shelves into the kitchen, where I get involved in cleaning out the pantry . . . and so on.

So, while things are inevitably more organized (eventually) if I put away, it's easier for me to go in behind DH and fix it, because then everything is where it needs to be, it just needs to organized. So we are working on the house and agreed that we would focus on getting through at least 2 rooms today. Some are easier than others, of course. He chose to start in the bedroom, which is great, as that is one of the big ones that has been stressing me out.

So, progress is being made and I love it.

Makes me feel so much better and so much less like a FAIL as a wife and housekeeper. And as I have pointed out many a time . . . if we can get the initial effort in and get it done, with a little more effort (but less overall) we can KEEP it clean. Just like we did with Grover.

Happy thoughts indeed.

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velocibadgergirl said...

OH, I'm jealous that you guys can plant already! I keep looking at my crusty brown garden space and sighing mournfully. Soon, I hope, we'll be planting, too :D