Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have I mentioned the skin issues?


Cause they annoy me equally. I always break out during the lp. Hormone changes cause my skin to be more oily and thus to breakout. No matter how often I wash my face during this time (which is usually twice a day, once with moisturizing Dove and once with a benzoil peroxide or a salicylic acid wash), oily oily oily.

And now, for fun, hideous large painful red pimples on the jawline and neck. UGH. Nothing seems to help them. The overnight treatment stuff doesn't work, they can't be brought to a head and burst (they are too deep), the regular cleansers don't prevent them and I'm sick of them. I noticed maybe one or two randomly until I got pregnant in September. Then I got several. So embarrassing. Then they went away, and today, despite my attention to these areas with my cleansers and creams, I have - count them - FIVE of them. It's awful.

I feel hideous and they sort of hurt.

I effing hate the 2ww (and I know that when I'm waiting to ovulate I bitch about how much easier the 2ww is. Bite me.) (Oh - wait. Does that count as irritability? Let me just dash off to ff and record that.)

Today so far - exhausted, despite 8 hours of pretty restful sleep. Nausea after eating breakfast (wth?). Boobs were fine at the beginning of the day, now achey and sensitive and my nipples are much more prominent. I am noting that now in case this is a bust cycle so next time around when my nipples are more prominent and both DH and I comment on it, I can be reminded that that is in fact normal during the lp. If it's not a bust cycle, well, then, there you are. Aren't you glad you read my blog? Anything else? I feel more irritable, but that's not unusual, really. So far, not a lot of cramping, which is good, as it normally starts today in advance of my period, but it's early yet.

As for the standard 10 dpo test - well, I did take one this morning. Busted out the big guns and used a FRER. It was negative. But. (because there is always a but with me, isn't there?) DH and I both saw a shadow line. Basically a light sort of line where the line should be. Now - that would either be considered an evap line or it's where the antibody strip is and God knows we've seen enough of these tests in the last 6 months to accurately identify where the line should be - but that line wasn't present on the negative from last night. What does that mean? Well, nothing.

But it gives me something to obsess over for the rest of the day, right?

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