Friday, March 27, 2009

I Got Nothin'

Really, I've thought and thought about something to post, since I've slacked a bit this week.

I don't have much to say.

On the ttc front, I'm worried about the late ovulation thing and haven't yet been to the gym, but DH is about to walk the dog and I will take advantage of that to dig out my 10 minute solutions dvd's. Haven't decided which to do yet, but I've got options. Other than that - my period is pretty much over. Light flow slowing down to spotting today. I expect light spotting tomorrow. It was sort of weird. Three days early, spotting to light to medium to heavy flow in the space of a day. Three days of heavy flow (over a half ounce at each cup dump), and then sudden light flow/spotting. Crazy.

I am going to start Vitex as soon as it arrives (thanks Lari!) and continue that if I don't get pregnant this cycle. I am drinking the green tea, for now, and have been thinking about picking up nettle leaf tea, as that is also supposed to be good for hormone regulation. I have considered baby aspirin in the 2ww, but I'm not there yet. I have opk's ready to go around cd 12 or so. The plan is sex whenever we want until ewcm. Then sex at least every other day until near positive opk, then sex everyday (if we can) until ovulation is clear. Based on past cycles, FF is predicting a mid-April O. Makes sense, but exercise may interfere (positively or negatively), so I'm really going to be watching body cues on this one.

On the work front - I rocked it this week. I had a great, really productive week in a sort of high profile way. I feel good about things. Just need to keep that up.

On other fronts - home is good. DH is amazing, as usual. House is a mess, but it's getting better. The plants are doing wonderfully well - we hope to finish up planting and mulch this weekend, which will make pictures possible. The car needs to be washed again between the pollen and the rain, but the wax seems to be doing its job well. Also needs to be vacuumed.

So . . . that's it.

Oh, regarding the green tea experiment - I did have tea again this afternoon, this time with honey, which did not explode in my pocket when I forget I put it there and sat on it, so maybe it's not a terrible thing to try after all.

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