Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's so beautiful!

Not my friend's new baby - though he truly is gorgeous; in fact, the three babies that have been recently born are all lovely newborns, making me a total liar - but the pregnancy tests I took tonight.

Beautiful and negative. Snowy white and clear. Well, one had a sort of shadow line in that there was maybe something there if you squinted. . . but . . . eh, the fuck with it. NEGATIVE!

I'm not pregnant any more!

Also, the opk's were so negative there were barely second lines. So who the fuck knows what is going on with that? Oh, I guess I forgot to say - + opk Sunday. Crippling pain and + opk Monday. Negative opk Tuesday, but still pain. No temp spikes. And again, + opk Wednesday. Today is negative. Crampiness, a little achiness on the left side, we'll see what the temps do, but it is possible that I won't ovulate, just have a cyst. Anyhow, hopefully this all = period in reasonable time frame (either way) so that I can start ttc again. And an end to the spotting would be most welcome.


Elaine said...

I never thought I would say this to anybody, but congratulations on your BFN. I hope the spotting stops soon.

Rebecca said...

congrats on not being pregnant anymore :) Here's to TTC again hopefully soon! Becky19