Monday, March 2, 2009


So my actual weigh-in was this morning. I was going to skip it, because I figured it would be 316, since I was fluctuating around there all week, and I wasn't exactly Miss On-Point-Target this weekend (hey! I stuck within my weekly point allowance!). But you know what?

I got on the scale anyway, because I wanted an accurate recording.

And it said 313. Whoa! Wait. What?

I stepped off, scratched my head, got back on. 314. Ahhhh, more like it. I used the toilet, brushed my teeth (and yes, washed my hands thoroughly between the two activities), got back on, 314 again. Ok then. Showered, checked one last time and 314. So I went with that.

That, my friends, equals 3 pounds lost last week. And 3 pounds closer to where I want to be before we start ttc again. That one is a sort of drop-dead weight. If I'm not under 310, we'll wait until I am. I would like to be under 300 before I get pregnant again, but I'm looking at one goal at a time. 310. That's where I want to be before we try again. That is 4 pounds away. Four pounds in 2-3 weeks is doable, if I keep staying on target. Though the steakhouse we'll be eating at this weekend may kill me . . . lol.

So yeah, there it is. I feel like if I am under 310 (after being at 324 at the start of my pregnancy with Chickadee and at 322 at the OB's office for the ectopic dx/treatment), then that should be a clear sign that I am taking my weight seriously and that I am working to be in the best health possible. I'm not going to wait for 50 pounds or a year to try and conceive again. That is not in our plans, and honestly, it won't work. We've waited too long already and we've had too much disappointment to stop trying now. And I would self-sabotage. That is too much pressure for me to perform. It might motivate some people, but it would make me shrivel up and croak and reach for the nearest candy bar. My good-faith gesture to the medical personnel of the world and my compromise with myself is to try and continue to be as healthy as possible until I get pregnant (well, after too of course) - but show that I am making the effort.