Monday, March 16, 2009

The obligatory updates and random musings.

Weight loss - none. Not up or down by even a tenth of a pound (which I ignore). Which is good considering I ate like shit this past week between vacation, late hours and no grocery store trip. However, I am still a pound up on two weeks ago, so suck. But my waist is down a wee bit more as are my hips and my upper arms, so all is not lost.

And after yesterday, we have a wonderful store of delicious, nutritious options and variety to last us at least 2 weeks. So rock on for that.

Work - blah. I'm in a construction zone right now. I suck at work. I just have no interest in it. Suck again. But I persevere, and have some time off this week, provided I finish up what needs doing. Made some progress today, but not enough. I really need to buckle down tomorrow and Wednesday.

Oh, and I fell down again at work. A regular reader of my blog knows this is not an unusual occurrence at any location for me, but this one was funny. I tripped on some plastic sheeting and fell hard. But I was balanced, so I was able to catch myself on my hands and knees. But I slammed my shin pretty hard and it hurt for awhile. Otherwise I was ok, except people were concerned, because as always, I fell down in front of quite a few people. I am awesome in my abilities to fall. And they were concerned until my coworker Andrea popped her out of her temporary workspace and asked if I was the one who fell and laughed and said that I do indeed do it all the time. Heh. I guess I'm rather like Tigger with my amazing bouncing abilities. Too bad I hate Tigger (he bounced Eeyore, whom I love and adore).

Anything else? Nah. Need to pay some bills tonight and study for my test tomorrow but we'll see. I also sorely need to work on my writing, having had some ideas, but I'm finding it difficult to sit down and focus. Wouldn't hurt if I cleaned house as well . . . but bitch, please.

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Typette said...

you keep falling?! LOL... sorry about your shin! I trip over everything, including my own feet. It's pretty funny, but people who know me know how clumsy I am too. LOL makes for some adventuresome walks doesn't it?! LOL